Groundbreaking STEM Educational Products


Set in a scientifically plausible future roughly 200 years from now, The Rockwell Adventures series tells the exciting story of the Rockwell family as they travel from their home on Earth to various locations throughout the Solar System.

Each of the products in this series are designed to not only be entertaining, but also educate readers on specific STEM topics.  Cutting edge computer graphics (CG) and Augmented Reality technology are blended with story-driven educator-designed lessons to bring STEM concepts to life for students.


 The Rockwell Adventures – Solar System Expedition is the groundbreaking first book in the Rockwell Adventures series.  After blasting off of the Earth in a virtual rocket, students are taken on a Top Secret mission to explore the Solar System.  The purpose of this mission is to find the right planet for mankind’s newest space colony – and to design the base that should be built there.

With lessons that are designed to have students think like engineers (defining problems, using models, investigating, analyzing, designing solutions), this educational adventure sets a new standard for interactive educational adventures.  With versions designed for students in Elementary School (grades 3-5), and Middle School (grades 6-8),  utilizing both Metric and US Customary Units, we have the version that’s right for you.


The Rockwell Adventures – Water Cycle Engineer is the latest book in the Rockwell Adventures series.  Join the Rockwell family as they travel to several colonies on the Moon to learn more about the water cycle.  This fun-filled educational adventures teaches students basic facts about each step of the water cycle, and challenges them to setup the water cycle at a new underground Moon base under construction.

Students explore both 3D models of the water cycle that pop-up out of their desks, as well as immersive 3D environments that portray what it would be like to be at each base.