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Set in a scientifically plausible future roughly 200 years from now, The Rockwell Adventures series tells the exciting story of the Rockwell family as they travel from their home on Earth to various locations throughout the Solar System.

Each of the products in this series are designed to not only be entertaining, but also educate readers on specific STEM topics.  Cutting edge computer graphics (CG) and Augmented Reality technology are blended with story-driven educator-designed lessons to bring STEM concepts to life for students.

“But, what is Augmented Reality?”, you ask.  Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that seamlessly blends the real world with the imaginary.  In the context of this series, using the companion augmented reality app by  Zappar (iTunes, Android) on a tablet or smartphone, students are enabled see and interact with a variety of STEM-focused 3D educational content seamlessly incorporated into the pages of the book.


Solar System Expedition
Water Cycle Engineer
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Water Cycle Engineer